Christina Cernik Photography
Let’s take a walk down the streets of Cartagena, shall we?

Dress: Pitusa
And just like that, I found myself in the heart of this Old City.
Chasing its sweet sounds and expressions of life + love; whether it be through a smile,…

“Be young. Be fearless.
Never forget what it means to chase something you love.”— The Better Man Project (Evan)

Adventure, is that you?
You’ve charmed my heart + soul, I can’t help but follow you.

The way you swoop me off the ground then into a thrilling joy ride of life and wonder,…

Dress: H&M Bracelets + Necklace: Salt Water Jewels
Photography: Ian Joseph Jones Photography
(Phenomenal Talent + Wonderful Friend)

Touch down Palm Beach.
I’ve missed you.
I must say, being greeted by these (statement) Palms, truly never gets old.
Makes me fall a-little-bit in love all over again….

Hat: H&M Shorts: American Eagle Blouse: Francesca’s Collection Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Loves, I’m back!
And oh man, did I fall romantically in love with Canada.
From the spontaneous adventures down winding roads + through endless fields of greens to watching my best friend marry her prince charming in an enchanted forest…was it all a dream?…