La Crème de la Crème: Crémieux

Guys, hhh-ow is it already Christmas!?

Oh. my. goodness. It definitely snuck up on me this year. There’s been so much hustle and bustle this season (saving it for another post 😉 ) that I almost forgot to shop for gifts entirely. And we all know I can’t let that happen!

Last minute gift shopping, shall we?!

I decided to visit a hometown favorite that recently received a stunning makeover since it opened in the 1950s, The Royal. And wow, is it better than ever! The most picturesque plaza with carefully selected luxe boutiques accompanied by delicious, renowned cuisine makes for the idyllic shopping experience. Reasons why I had to go.

In the midst of all this wonder, I discovered quite a charming boutique: Crémieux.

What drew me to the store?

It wasn’t only the cool, chic style, but also the destination-like photography that was part of its visual display. That did something for me, guys. I wanted to know the story behind the images…I also wanted to add it to my list of travels. 🙂

A story about a young man, Daniel Cremieux, who fell in love with a certain style and revolutionized it within his country…later the world. He carried out the fresh, new design in France, beginning in Saint-Tropez hence the above. Now this world-renowned brand has a reputation for being la crème de la crème and is under the full direction of his son, Stephane Cremieux.

(I have such a sincere respect for those who go after their dreams and how the dream lives on through the family. I think there’s something very beautiful about it.)

“The Cremieux crest represents quality and passion for the brand.”

So naturally, I HAD to get something(s).


Understanding that it is essentially designed for men, they absolutely suggested women rock the looks, too.

OoO a gift for him…and her. Why yas, I love it! I can just do all my shopping in one spot. Hehe.

When shopping for that special man in your life, to me, I love seeing them in layers during the winter season.


1.) An essential, every-day shirt (striped, plain – you decide) is key.

2.) Layered on with a solid-colored or embroidered sweater. I always gravitate toward the sweaters with elbow patches…it adds another element of grandeur, but still maintains a well-kept, casual-cool feel.

3.) Still cold? Of course. Let’s add a fun coat that is longer than your top. This helps pull the outfit together – setting a regal tone.

4.) What pants to pair with this? Easy. Depending on where you’re headed…I’d suggest chino pants or a vintage wash denim.

5.) Vwaa-la! You’re all set with one complete look for him.


I also may have selected items that I could potentially ‘steal‘ from his closet, too! I mean…how could I not?!

Phew, that felt good letting you know.


Well, there we have it.

I just completed my shopping for everyone…oh…and myself.

Needless to say, #effortless experience.

Thank you, Crémieux, for gracing us with your fresh French, prep influence. Love your story; one that’s more than a brand, but rather a lifestyle…and Palm Beach is all about it. Can’t wait for the next collection!

Ciao for now my loves! I have a ton of wrapping to do. Wishing you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays and warmth.

Thank you for always being a part of my adventure. It’s an honor.

xo, Winks and Wonder.




    • Tida

      Awe happy holidays to you, Stephane! It is an honor and I love your brand! xo