I b i z a

Hi there!

Sending the happiest days of Summer your way.

It’s been a little while since I have written, but no fear, I’ve been planning some exciting trips to share with you. In fact, I just returned from one a few days ago :).

That’s right.

I b i z a called…we answered.

And just like that my family and I landed on one of the most stunning islands on the planet.

Ibiza, the 2nd largest island of the Balearic islands, is truly a spectacular sight to see. I’ll never forget the very moment we finally made it through the grey clouds, into the spotlight of glimmering sunshine, chills ran down my spine and directly to my heart. All because of what was below: the breathtaking mountain tops, parts of the Balearic islands and the island of Ibiza surrounded by the Mediterranean sea.

Talk about beauty + chills. I was ready to dive in! Aren’t you?

Rumor has it…this + that.

I had to experience it for myself.

And what I will say is Ibiza took me by surprise. A pleasant one at that.

As you may know, Ibiza has a big reputation for throwing the most epic parties in history, but it is also a home for hundreds of yoga and healing retreats. Needless to mention it welcomes the best of both worlds. It’s an escape to the extraordinary, a place to let your hair down and for your tans to find a home to glow. An island who’s slogan should or already might be: “Come as you are and be free” all the while infused with tropical beats spun by some of the most famous DJs in the world (during their Summer season). It’s up to you how you choose to spend your free time as there are plenty of options for all on the island(s).

For me, not only was I already enamored by the aerial view of this place, but the house we rented in the Old Port of Ibiza. It was incredible and made us feel so at home.

The house included panoramic views of the city and sea. My kind of view. If you are able to experience the sunrise and sunset from both sides of your patio terrace, I call that a win.


Since, the house had at least five (5) flights of stairs…we definitely got our steps in. 😉

This view was from one of our terraces where my family and I spent most of our homemade breakfasts, colorful sunsets and relaxed tanning time. I mean, the view is simply mesmerizing and hypnotizing…it was hard to even leave home.

But there was something stirring in my heart still; definitely a lot more to explore :).

Ibiza is full of wonder and endless wanderlust. A sound of its own. A certain rhythm. The pace and way of life is matchless. The smiles and tans are contagious. That’s why some never leave.

During the early morning it can be as quiet as a falling leaf and as the day develops it can get as noisy as the buzzing of bees. But it’s what adds to the charm of this city – we just get to embrace the two. Around 3pm or 4pm is when their siestas begin + everyone takes time off work to rest and nap.

(America, can we finally adopt this idea?) Please + thanks.

Can you guess the preferred dinner time?

EEP. 10pm. Hehe. And the sun usually sets around 9pm.

When in Spain, everyone recommends sipping the Sangria and tasting the Paella as it is what the country specializes in…so I tried a little (given my sensitivity to rice, it was still quite yum):

Every day was full of motion. There were two consecutive days where we island hopped first to the sister island, Formentara, and the next we rented a boat to sail on our own. I highly recommend this.

First, Formantera:

A secluded jungle, beach island. Very private, surrounded by stunning clear blues.

Next, we took a boat out and sailed around epic mountains and islands:

My heart was constantly bewitched by the beauty of this place. That day we sailed right by the sunset. My beating heart was racing even more. A magical moment.

You can only imagine how bronzed I got from all this island hopping.

No regrets, just sun kissed and blessed.

My heart was spilling over with sweet memories and refreshing vibes.

I felt a piece of me collided with the familiar, yet unknown. As much as I’ve never been to this place before, I felt like it was home.

Perhaps it was the way the sun kisses the horizon in the morning and before the night?

The beauty found in locals and tourists alike.

The fresh organic fruits and Tida-friendly food options:

Everyone’s stories and what brought them to this special island.

Maybe it’s how the sound goes up even when the sun goes down?

The best kind of sounds if I may add. If you did not know, my all-time favorite DJ/artist is Kygo and I had the most epic time experiencing him live at Ushuaia. I do not think I’ve fan-girl’d so hard. #confessions

There was certainly a rhythm everyone hummed to and found a place in. Imagine, listening to your favorite song, without words, just instrumental. Now, close your eyes and feel the infused beats – that’s what Ibiza was like for me. 


(Still swooning over here).

(Sunset at Sunset Ashram Restaurant – “Possibly the best sunset of Ibiza.”)

When I was getting ready for this trip, I knew I was coming here with love + to love (especially to celebrate one of my favorite people, Jessica #famforreal). Meanwhile, filling my suitcase with clothes made for adventure. Perhaps, you can say I packed well? I just didn’t realize what I would be leaving with: a colorful memory, a treasure chest of experiences + a fine-tuning of my heart strings.

I guess I’m learning to fall in love with everything that comes into my path – including myself…wherever I am at. I am just seeing + allowing the location, people and moments to enhance it.

I think that is why my soul is drawn to viewing life with an entirely new lens – whenever possible. I fall in love with the rhythm + wonder that is yet to be found in every location. The stories that are unwritten + longing to be shared. The love that patiently waits to be awakened. Every moment, whether I am traveling or at ‘home’, I know there is inspiration to be uncovered. Same goes for all of us. It is all about our perspective + what we inject into it. I believe when we share our part and notice the details, we have the power to turn an ordinary instant into something extraordinary.

Thank you for sharing this with me. As always my friends, I adore you.

Cheers to another epic experience together.

* P.S. – I have linked all the images of the outfits I am wearing to the sites where you can shop them.* 😀

To be continued…Ibiza.

(Images taken by mis primas Jessica and Jamie)!

Chat soon, my loves.



  1. April Franklin

    You are beautiful in every way! The pics and the descriptions are lovely and perfect. Thank you for the *trip*

    • Tida

      My darling April, you are such a gem, your sweet soul warms me. I miss you and the family so much! Hope to see you all very soon. xo winks

  2. Lorena

    Visiting your blog after a while and omg! Found this beautiful post.
    What a beautiful place Ibiza is!!! Makes want to leave everything here and just go! Hopefully someday…
    Hope everything is fine! And maybe someday you can come visit Peru to make more amazingly memories! .

    • Tida

      Awe, I would love to come to Peru! A dreamy destination and darling country. Thank you always for your love and support, Lorena! xo winks