27: World of Wonder

Lulu’s Navy Blue Dress

Twenty-seven, you’re here.


And to be honest, I wasn’t fond of you initially, but now I have this persistent feeling that you’re about to surpass my expectations. Why? Because, you keep nudging me with hope and light even when I deny it. Where I was once numb, you’re enlivening me. How I used to believe, you are gently reminding me. What was distant jargon is now becoming a renewed, personal experience. You’ve cleaned up the toxic leaks I willingly welcomed once upon a time. You’re showing up to shake things up; holding space for my heart’s desires and giving voice to my forgotten dreams. I feel it. Now, it’s my move; time I RSVP to my life and follow through with boldness.

What was holding me back?

The idea of perfection. The fear of missing the mark that I completely forgot the invitation to live.

So, I’m abandoning it. 🙂 Jumping ship.

I do not care to be perfect. I care to be free.

There’s a world full of wonder out there. I’m going to make it my mission to experience it (starting with this year).

One life, right?

Why should we let fear and the ever-knocking doubt shut doors on us, when love is roaring in + asking us to open them? I am confident, it’s reminding us of the directions we naturally tend to overlook:

“You are the one with the key, a simple turn + open. Now, step in.”

I think it’s wise we silence what does not produce life + focus our energy on what does. And for the love of process, keep doing so.


No more hiding, no more comparing.

Choose to be all in because there’s freedom there.

There are promises with our names on it that transcend time; watch how it is revealed when you make your move and feel the choice of commitment.


Photography: Chelsae Anne

So, as 27 roaringly did to me, I invite you to take that step. Face the door(s) – drop off the unnecessary baggage of fear, self-doubt and comparison. The key is in your pocket. Walk through.


It’s your move.

What are you waiting for? RSVP in whatever way that looks like for you (i.e dancing, singing, traveling, etc.). The rest will follow suit.

There’s a world bursting in living color. Go add your favorites + never lose your sense of wonder.



  1. Lorena A.

    The way you write is what makes me come back here every time since the first time I visited your blog! So inspiring!! And the pictures are perfect!
    Won’t stop saying how much I love your blog! ❤️

    • Tida

      Oh my sweet goodness Lorena! You melt me. Thank you so much for all your support. Means the world + more darling. xo

  2. Shannon adams

    Yes, yes, and yes! 27 looks good on you and so does freedom. ♥️

    • Tida

      You are one of my most favorite humans, Shannon. Shimmy shimmy into life, shall we? xo

  3. Elizabeth's

    So, tonight after the kids are in bed and the laundry is done, I will tuck away the mundane and open up my dusty prayer journal. The one that I wrote huge hopes and dreams in when I was so young…. 27 myself, and I will open up a fresh dialogue with God. Because on my most recent birthday (45?!) I to touched in my calling and have been plagued ever since with the glory I saw myself a part of. How wrecked I’ve been, feeling I’ve missed God while “baking cakes for rich people.”. Thank you for this fresh, bright post to remind me to RSVP to life.
    Love this!

    • Tida

      Awe, wow. Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing this. It means a whole lot and I am so happy it inspired you to start fresh. You are incredible and I cannot wait to hear more about what this new year brings. Happy belated birthday by the way, beauty! We are on this journey together. xo

  4. Loren Sanders

    You are a beautiful person inside and out!!

    • Tida

      Loren, you are the sweetest. I adore you so very much. xo