Delectable Art: Sant Ambroeus

Experience one of my favorite restaurants in Palm Beach with me?

I saved you a seat.


Sant Ambroeus Palm Beach not only curates delectable dishes, but houses a stylish touch in every little detail within these walls.

I mean, did we just travel to Italy?

From the darling corner where their signature gelateria is kept chill to the cozy inner dining room space fashioned by only the finest pieces, it’s only natural that your eyes would light up from the whimsical masterpieces. Then, the moment you taste their dreamy Italian dishes or entrees inspired by the sea, your heart expands with an unstoppable desire for more…completely forgetting what being “full” feels like. The ambiance is romantic, food is fresh and entire restaurant is Palm Beach buzzy.

I think I’ll stay for a little while.

For breakfast, I love the Sant Ambroeus Eggs Florentine (due to my allergy I did not consume the Hollandaise sauce or homemade roll). Their Avocado Toast is also one for the win. The sweet waiter recommended their signature Peach Bellini and oh my, yum! So, I recommend it to you, too!


At lunch (on a different day hehe), I enjoyed their seared organic Salmone Scozzese, cooked to a medium-rare finish, with a celery root puree.

Mm mm good + healthy.

Goodness, this recap makes me want to go back and try more dishes. Currently dreaming of any of their simply grilled dishes. Their food is artfully tasty: all picture perfect and taste bud worthy.


Oh, and how could I forget dessert?! Since I have a dairy allergy, they were so kind to prepare a mix of fruits and sorbets for me. Don’t worry, my darling friend was able to enjoy the pastries that are made fresh daily.

Wow, was I full or was I full. It all hit me after this.

I must share this other dessert that I did not take get to partake in (due to the ever-present dairy), but the presentation was pure excellence.

Love a traditional sundae? This is a must-have for you.

If you have not had a dining experience at Sant Ambroeus Palm Beach yet, mark your calendars this Summer because they have some great specials happening now: lunch + dinner.

Enjoy and let me know what you think (take me, too)!

Photography: the incredible Chelsae Anne <3

I must be off darlings! I can’t wait to share with you the latter part of my Cartagena, Colombia trip. It’s coming up next on the blog.

But for now, going to try and stay dry – it’s been raining nonstop.

I hear somedays you just have to create your shine. Off I go creating!