Twirls + Curls in Tobi Summer Style

Robyn Linen Halter Midi DressCult Gaia Purse | Nine West Byron Twists

Robyn Linen Halter Midi Dress

Wow, it’s already June my loves!

And I’m so happy to be back and writing to you on the newly refreshed Winks and Wonder. 🙂

How do you like it?

I am enjoying the pace + style of this summer season.

Twirling in my curls.

There’s something in the summer air here: a youthful sound, romance from cloud to cloud and the desire to be in the sunshine…all the time. Let’s take it to the beach now y’all.

Temperatures are quickly rising followed by chilled libations that are meant to shake off the heat or you’re sure to find yourself jumping into a pool.  It’s only natural that if you should spend any time outside in this Florida sunshine, you’ll be left with some bronze kisses.

I sure am rocking a few.

Of course with this type of heat settling here I had to gear up and get ready with summer dresses! Honestly, if I could wear dresses every day I would. Hmm, not a bad idea. I think I will.


I want to share a few of my fave finds with you – all for such great prices from Tobi.

First, as seen above, the Robyn Linen Halter Midi Dress (white $19) is perfect for a casual day in or out. Including chic details seen in the front darling bow along with the midi cut out – allows you to breathe a little from the heat. Pair this with any wedge or sandal and you’re all set, babe!

Your Perfect Shift Dress 

I can’t get over this Camel shift dress ($26). Being that I’ve always had a weakness for racer backs or any back with fun straps, I definitely fell for this one. It can absolutely be a day-to-night outfit. Pair it with wrap up heels and statement jewelry, and you’re ready to call that Uber!

Makin’ That Braid Dress | Dibadani Boho Clutch

Photography: (Wonderful friend) Chelsae Anne

Last one (for now).

Adding to my favorite dresses with a unique styled back, this next dress ($23) has a braided back and the olive color complements a tan so well, I just couldn’t say “no.” Although, it definitely gives away my tan lines, it’s like the dress was made to embrace them. I only felt appropriate to add a bohemian pom pom clutch. A subtle, yet fun boho combo.

These solid colored dresses are great for adding in statement jewelry, wrap up heels/sandals or fun boho accessories. Such incredible finds all available at Tobi.

An online favorite, hands down.

Discover your style, add your own twist + you’re ready to dance into your next adventure.



  1. Lorena

    In love with the 3 dresses!!!
    Ohh I missed your blog!! Glad you are finally back!
    And congrats! It looks awesome! ❤️

    • Tida

      Lorena! Thank you doll. You’re so sweet. Glad to be back. <3 xo