All the Way Up: Cartagena Rooftops

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There I was…caught up in a moment with you.

And it’s exactly where I wanted to be.

Cartagena, you left a mark on my heart and I promised I’d return – so I did.

My friends, I want to share a brief glimpse of my moments in Cartagena, Colombia this second time around (more to come in the following post).

Pure nostalgia.

It’s exactly how I remembered it and more.

Each corner, every turn was an invitation to return to the dance. Our dance.

This time I heard a new song. One made up of old friends, new faces and added depth – all powered by the same strong feeling, wrapped in love.

As I twirled down these familiar, colorful streets kissed by the sun, a warmth surged from within and filled my heart. I was reminded of why I fell in love with this country and its captivating culture. It’s like I didn’t miss a beat and glided right back into the romantic dance we first had.

I can’t quite describe the feeling, but if you picture the way the wind gathers itself before breathing on us, there seems to be a forward motion in place, if we should allow ourselves to get lost in it. I believe it can carry one’s spirit away to a momentary pause – a door of hope. Then, it prompts the body to catch up and the moment when both unite all one can feel are chill bumps. That’s what this country does to me.

It awakened my soul – took me out of a ‘vortex’ known as the norm. It’s like I was able to come up for air for the first time in a very long time and I saw what my heart’s dreams were again. I was all the way up, seated above the situation with an aerial perspective.


Now, I just need to remember the big picture and go for it (special thank you to an amazing Colombian, Nico D., for this revelation and language; you’re an inspiration all on your own).

Oh, Cartagena.

A place all too familiar, yet foreign; nonetheless, what I can easily call home.

Photography | Chelsae Anne

Now, I must be off!

Stay tuned for the upcoming full post of my trip. I can’t wait to give you tips on some of the most delicious restaurants, coffee spots, secret locations and more!

An epic adventure indeed.
Cartagena round two surpassed all my expectations.

Until next time.