Sugar Shack // Be My Guest

Bienvenue, love!

I’ve missed you.

It’s been quite some time and I am so happy to be writing you, yes you! As any whirlwind of high-season and excitement might have it, it leaves one breathless, inspired and a little hungry in my book. These past few weeks have been non-stop, but nothing short of amazing.

I will be revealing details in the upcoming posts…on a refreshed site 😉 *hint hint.*

In the meantime, did I mention hungry?

I must invite you to enjoy this exclusive Sunday brunch I had the pleasure of experiencing. My friends at Chez L’epicier Palm Beach nailed it again! This brunch is famously known as the Sugar Shack, which captures the heart and taste of the traditional Canadian maple-infused dining experience.

And secret’s out! It’s a sensation guys and the last one is this Sunday, March 26th.

Tasty, Insta-worthy and award-winning

Honestly, you won’t want to miss this hit and neither will your cameras!

Drinks, anyone?

Yes, maple syrup is present.

Allow me to share some behind-the-scenes footage.

From dusk ’til dawn, farm-to-table then heart-to-heart…

This is the epitome of Chez L’epicier.

The amount of time Laurent Godbout and his amazing team must place into crafting a special experience for you and I. The carefully selected ingredients used to prepare the menu and the unrivaled warmth extended to each guest – you can tell, their heart and soul is imprinted in what they do. His darling wife, Veronique Deneault, is a brilliant complement as she naturally infuses the environment with charming aesthetics, intuitive service and a refreshing creativity seen in all the details.

It’s a true soul’s delight.

For me, the moment I walk in, I am greeted with a kindness I’ve only read about…until now, it’s become a reality. It makes me want to stay a little longer even after the food’s gone and am stuffed beyond measure.

There’s something about Chez L’epicier.

Once you’ve dined there, you’ll know what I mean.



Words like, “Wow,” “Impressive,” “Delicious,” “Cheers,” (and French words) were buzzing through the air on Sunday.

May be the reason why they were completely booked.

We simply can’t get enough of this goodness.

MmM MmM MmM…looking back on this makes me extra hungry now.

Be sure to join in this Sunday as it is their last Sugar Shack brunch for the season.

Come one, come all and enjoy a spectacular spread of family style dishes personally chosen by your favorite French Canadians in town.

A hidden gem.

Here’s cheering to you, Chez for a most wonderful brunch I have had in a very long time.

You hit this one out of the park and I cannot wait to return for dinner very soon.

Until then, I must catch a flight!

Guess where I am headed this Spring? I’ll give you a hint…it will be round two for me + hablo espanol.

Stay tuned as I will reveal my destination on Instagram.

See you over there my loves!