Happy Valentine’s Day my loves!

On this day, some may be hand-in-hand with their beloved, savoring sizzling new dishes at a trendy restaurant or revisiting a first date spot…starry-eyed by each others’ embrace; perhaps viewing one of the latest releases in theater or enjoying each others’ company in…either which way you choose to spend today (every day) I hope you are always lead by love.

There’s nothing quite like it.


It’s amazing how much this four-letter word paired with action(s) can add magic and elevate the everyday details of our lives.

I am learning to do this with my life, personally.

And by that I mean, instead of just saying I need to make time for myself, I am doing it. I may not have anyone to dance this romance with this season, but these moments have served as a special reminder to love myself with the same love I willingly extend to others.

So, I’m taking it easy, resting…and lighting the candles.

I have been going non-stop these days, carried by the hustle and bustle of season and it’s been so fun! But I am learning to tend to the other parts of my heart’s needs. Tonight’s needs look like a night-in with a delicious home-cooked Whole30 meal, sweet U-Pick strawberries from Bedner’s farm (last post) and a great flick.

Most of you who know me, know how much I love salmon. I enjoy it raw, grilled, poached and pretty much every way.

Tonight, I decided to prepare a poached Salmon* dish. I seasoned it with fresh herbs including chopped garlic, onions, peppers, rosemary and pink himalayan salt. Then, I topped it with sprinkles of freshly cut ginger root with a slice of lemon to add a citrus kick. I laid it on a bed of steamed zucchini coupled with hand cut red potatoes* – roasted to my liking.

*Recipe modified | Salmon omit the eggs, sauce | Potatoes use extra virgin olive oil instead

Babes, this feels heavenly! Who knew staying in could be so fun?!


Oh, remember those fields from my last post?

Well, I was able to pick some fresh organic strawberries there and am now having it for dessert.

Absolute YUM.

I love fresh fruit + berries are my jam.

Now, what movie do I pick?

Should I watch the classic 1960s Romeo + Juliet, a tragic romantic tale, a light-hearted Valentine’s Day where Ashton Kutcher falls for his best friend? Or maybe a new + noteworthy one…any recommendations?

I should definitely get to choosing soon before the indecisiveness kicks in and I fall asleep again!

For now, happy LOVE day to each of you. No matter where you are and what you’re doing, I hope you are enjoying yourself and choosing love – extra today.

I am off! Going to get cozy under this comfy blanket + watch a movie until I fall asleep.

Until next time!

Outfit Details

Denim Pants: Anthropologie | Blouse Anthropologie

Be love.