Love Happens

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Dress: Anthropologie | Heels: Chanel | Handbag: Vince Camuto

And it’s happening all around us.

A constant, unconditional kind.

It can surprise us, heal us, teach us and never give up on us.

Love’s in the air.

Sometimes in the form of a smile, the sound of mom’s laugh, the smell of fresh coffee or the touch of your hand.

A sweet surrender.

Love has many ways of making our hearts feel fluttery inside.

It can be celebrated with a significant other, with closest of friends or by your sweet self

(to name a few).

Nonetheless, love shows up.

And as we approach Valentine’s Day, the iconic day of love, I am choosing to show up and celebrate with my girlfriends (aka) Galentine’s Day.

They always have me giggling until I cry. I mean honestly, who can relate?


And if you are choosing to spend it with your girls here in South Florida, I would highly recommend visiting this new addition to Palm Beach Island, Sant Ambroeus. You will feel a touch of old-world Milan via contemporary Manhattan meets Sunny Florida. Although this restaurant is already home to many of the intelligentsia of New York and Italy, it opened its door to a new community this Fall and is fitting in quite wonderfully.

Do join us.

As I look around, I can’t help but think how the restaurant is perfectly dressed for romance all season long. The hints of pinks intricately fading into the reds with accents of mahogany and Italian stone makes for quite the dining experience. Even with these statement colors, it still has a way of being timeless. The verdict we’ve been waiting for – of course, the food lives up to its ambiance!

As most of you know, I am currently on the Whole30 and have a pretty clean diet normally, therefore I did not consume any of the above, but my gals sure did!

So, my meal looked a little more like this:

Still so delicious!

When you go, I highly recommend trying their eggs benedict on a bed of avocado instead of English muffin for breakfast. My gals suggest any of their pasta dishes for lunch or dinner. However, from the looks and sound of things, you cannot go wrong with any item on the menu.

Did I mention dessert?

Oh right, perhaps because we had a 5-course kind of experience and desserts turned into a meal.


I can’t recall all the desserts they brought out for us, but it was a sight to see. The above was my favorite little presentation. All homemade. All experienced by my gals ;).

Not only are their pastries all freshly made in-house, but they have a signature coffee bar and gelataria; they serve refreshing seasonal cocktails + iconic wines.

Sounds like a slice of heaven to me.

Love happens.

It happens even when we make other plans.

Don’t let this moment slip away.

Show up + celebrate not only the love that you’ve received, but also the love you are able to freely give.

That’s something worth celebrating.

This day wouldn’t have been this way without our sweet friend, Angela Cruz with Discover the Palm Beaches. A special thank you to you for such a fun time! You light up a room.

Sant Ambroeus – you’ve been discovered by #ThePalmBeaches and we love it!

Photography | Chelsae Anne