In A Wink

In a wink of an eye…

I am transported to the little bit of history my life holds.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, I pause to take in one of my favorite moments.

That moment when my 7 year-old self couldn’t help but finish school for the day because the only thing better was to see Dad, hop into his convertible and cruise to the library. All with the top down (sometimes, not always in the front seat) just to feel the palm breezes brush through my hair. Squinting so hard from the wind, but also from all the smiling – because the baby hairs tickled.

Such a perfect moment.

Once a week I’d stop into the library, the Four Arts Children’s Library where I became fascinated by the storytelling and live readings. It was quite a unique experience for me.

A treasured trove.

Then, I would wander hand-in-hand with Dad into what I personally called, “The Secret Garden” across the street from the library. As I walked through the gate, I channeled the little girl, Mary, from the 1993 film of The Secret Garden and pretended the lush-tropical greenery was all part of a magical world I had the luxury to escape to and discover.

Although, it really was to me.

As I look back, I noticed a lot has changed.

The way the garden grew.

The years added on to my life + all that has come and gone.

Dad’s no longer with me, but has returned home (heaven above).

Yet, I feel him in certain places especially in this treasured library + enchanting garden.

Pure nostalgia.

It puts a smile on my heart – stamped by the sweetest memory.

As we come + go, there’s so much we can see in just a…wink.

As I read these short stories growing up, I realized I myself am a library made up of stories + it’s still unfolding.

My heart, a garden that I am still tending.


Some are perfect, some are heartbreaking, all of which play into the beauty of life’s mystery.

I think they’re worth it + I’m committed to living them out.

I dare you to, too.

Happy weekending my loves and thank you for walking down this nostalgic memory lane with me.

I adore you, all.

‘Til next time!

Floppy Hat: Forever 21 | Wide-leg Bottoms: Anthropologie | Top: Anthropologie

PHOTOGRAPHY | Chelsae Anne