Dear 2017, Can’t Wait to Meet You.

Adventure. | Wanderlust. | Wonder. | Wild. | Free.

Love. | Discover. | Authentic. | Vulnerable. | Inspire.

These are just a few words that have gripped my heart in 2016. And boy, did I dive in head first.

What an incredible, heavy year it has been.

Some high’s + some low’s.

Lessons learned and re-learned.

The love that grows.

2016 has shed a light on me. You have been my favorite, yet.

I have witnessed some of my dearest friends marry their one + only. Traveled near + far to new cities and countries; picked up some dance moves along the way. Took my weekends seriously – dipping it in a pool of fun. Spent most of my dolla bills on food, food + more food. Laughed hysterically until I could barely breathe, cheeks hurting with tears flooding my itty bitty eyes; learning to just embrace these moments and let it happen. I met the most incredible souls sprinkled throughout the world who turned into closer friends. You couldn’t make these stories up.

Overcame some tough fears like swimming in open water again – being vulnerable (including, but not limited to blogging), loving hard, forgiving and exercising bravery. With thousands of pictures published, new words added to my vocabulary + hundreds of selfies later, I learned that the clock is always running and no matter what…it does not stop. Therefore, it is important to cherish every moment (whatever that may look like to you) and to do the very thing(s) that makes you come alive.

2016 you’ve wrecked me in the details.

You’ve pushed me to my limit, tested me beyond anything I’ve ever studied for + paved way to a clearer vision of my life.

I’ve grown more than I could fathom + wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support from my dear friends + family.

Most importantly, the One who’s been there every step of the way – God. It’s always been you.

So, yes I’ll continue to follow this darling Light that continues to draw me in.

If the best is truly yet to come, then 2017, I can’t wait to meet YOU!

Photography | Chelsae Anne

Dress: H&M Shoes: Steve Madden Necklace: H&M

I sense a heavy case of WOAH + a hands way up YAY for 2017!

I hope to continue to inspire others by the Light that initially inspired me. Believe in the greater good. Travel more + light. Be spontaneous when the moment allows for it. Plan when needed. Smile big. Take care of my body physically and mentally. Love, respect and honor no matter what shakes me up. Learn more from and about the One who created me.

My darlings, I love you all deeply. Now go and ring in this New Year like you were meant to. I’m thankful for our walks of life together! Sending you warmth + hugs from yours truly – winksandwonder.

See you next year!