In a New York Minute…or Two (Part 1)

Slippers | Sam Edelman

Suddenly, my heart was a drum. Not sure if it’s because I was up before the sun, had 1 too many caffeinated lattes OR perhaps I woke up in a city that never sleeps…and there’s something quite fascinating about it.

New York, New York.

With ease, you put a spell on me.

Without further a do + much to do.

I got my self up and at ’em! With just one more cup of joe.

Did I mention how tough it was to leave the room?

We stayed at this hidden gem, Boro Hotel, in Long Island City. A few minutes outside of town; close enough to all the main public transportation, yet far enough to appreciate the enchanting views of this dreamy city. The minimalistic charm and industrial aesthetics refreshed me.

Think succulents welcoming you on certain pieces of furniture, a library of classics, cozy seating arrangements throughout the lobby, endless allure, coffee brewing nearby and a fire pit for you to warm your chilly palms by….I mean…can this be my office?

I must say, I have never experienced the type of customer service like I have at the Boro Hotel. Top-notch doesn’t quite capture its essence. The service was detailed, intuitive + beyond. I was pleasantly surprised with every interaction. Before arriving, each Hotelier accommodated us and ensured we had a flawless arrival + stay. I especially want to personally + publicly thank Christina who was sensational. Although, she was overseas during my stay – she knew the moment I arrived and made sure I received the room with the best view of the city along with any other requests I had – she did her best to meet it all. The communication within their establishment was so evident.

(I adore you and cannot wait to return!)

Purse | Prada Top | Madewell Bottom | Madewell

Okay, I confess…I took another cup of coffee to go! I just needed it. If you tasted Boro’s hot latte with almond milk, you’ll know perfectly why. #addicted

Off, we go!

First stop, let’s race to the top of the Empire State Building. Why not? I’ve never been + I hear the view is exceptional ;).

And so thought the rest of the world’s population.

After many round-a-bout lines, security checks, changing of shoes to one of the fastest elevator rides + 80 flights of stairs later – a few done by feet…we made it up to the top.

I have never felt like such an accomplished stair master until that day.

But boy, were the views worth it!

My heart was singing + ears were ringing.

I get it now. This concrete jungle has a larger than life trait. A place where dreams come alive. Simply magnetic.

There’s nothing quite like what New York creates – you are more than a city, you’re a world of one.

As much as I wanted to linger there a little longer – the chilly wind blew us away toward the direction of the Flat Iron Building, a groundbreaking skyscraper + one of the most famous landmarks of New York.

So, naturally, I had to cross the street in front of it.

Swinging, twirling and waltzing as if Frank Sinatra was performing right there, inviting me to leave my little town blues behind and explore the heart of the one I’m in.

(Not featured: people, poodles and a popo saying it was not worth it. However I beg to differ, sir, it was #soworthit).

Over Knee High Boots | Steve Madden Sunglasses | Prada

I believe it’s time for an afternoon snack, if not a dinner of sorts – let’s do all the above. Follow me to some of my different dining delights.

Next stop: SoHo.

Peacoat | Jcrew Clutch | Diane Von Furstenberg Sunglasses | Quay Booties | Steve Madden

I noticed brunch is served until 5pm for the most part in most places. How fan-stinkin-tabulous – brunch is my absolute favorite!

This little cafe specializes in all things (organic) eggs. Not only is it advertised mainly on Instagram, but the food is just as delightful as the photos.

Around the corner is the Butcher’s Daughter, another Insta-worthy location. Thank you to my NYC bloggers and friends who recommended this darling, quaint spot.

Eggs + avocado, are you beginning to see a trend?

Absolute goodness – just what my soul needed after all those steps.

Beginning to feel a little pink…oOo they have the cutest pink coffee shops!

If you have never been to Cafe Henrie, you must go. It is truly a charming spot full of bloggers and creatives. The food is so healthy and the space is filled with modern, unique pieces of art. If you’re needing a little pink for that Insta-feed of yours, this is the place to be!

If you are not wanting or do not drink coffee, try Cha Cha Matcha nearby as it specializes in a variety of tea selections that will not disappoint.

Now, one last stop before we head back to my lovely home away from home – stopping at Nomo Soho…where the loveliest of lights live + twinkle through the night.

Unfortunately, there was a private event that evening – next time we will do dinner here.

Hands down.

Photography | Chelsae Anne

After a day full of back-to-back activities, non-stop motion all while chasing the sunlight before it returned back to the other side – I would say, we covered a lot of grounds + captured a few golden moments.

Being back in the room was so relaxing. Room service + a movie? Yes, please!

And, I can’t forget the night view of this city’s skyline from the balcony.


Every time I glanced over, I felt my soul smile, I was mesmerized.

Stay tuned for Part 2 at the Plaza Hotel.

Until then!