The One You Wanna Chez

Hi there loves!

It’s so good to be back + just in time for all the holiday festivities.

I love my town and the special jingle it has to the season. Although, please note, New York City was fantastic and one to remember (I can’t wait to share – coming up after this blog post)!

It’s just extra sweet during this time of year to be in the city where one grew up, near family + friends as well as the year-long warmth that never seems to cease its engagement on South Florida.

My locals hear me.

I’m welcoming it all with open arms – like it’s a first.

Once I landed in the heart of Palms I suddenly had an urge for my favorite avocado appetizer ever.

Can’t explain it, I just needed to have it. Definitely, making a quick stop at one of my favorite spots: Chez L’épicier Palm Beach. If you know me, you know, I almost always order this per visit.

Guys, the taste is out of this world along with any item on their menu.

I mean, if you are an avocado lover and have not had this dish I sense some serious FOMO happening right about now.

This genius creation with its simple name, “Avocado Tartare,” is topped with sprinkles of delicate + crunchy quinoa by the one and only renowned French Canadian Chef Laurent Godbout at Chez L’épicier Palm Beach! Bless your creative and talented soul. My palate is forever thankful. So glad to have your restaurant close by and not only in Montréal (their first location).

Did I mention they hand these out at the beginning? Yes, macaroons.

Not just any type, olive on the outside + goat cheese on the inside. A unique blend of tastes that leaves you reaching in for more. Totally worth the enzyme pill I have to take as I am part of the lactose intolerant crew.

You must also try one of their classics, the Burrata.

Carefully crafted with only local tomatoes, grilled to perfection eggplant + spicy agrodulce. Light up my taste buds shall we?

OoO I want you to meet another repeat order…

The Bugey Cerdon, a French + Tida favorite. It is a champagne-like sparkling rose that will leave you feeling all sweet and bubbly inside.

Keep ’em comin’.

Sadly, I only had enough time for their appetizers and bubbly this trip. I can’t wait to spill the secrets on their must-have entrees and desserts on my next visit.

I can’t think of another restaurant I frequent more than Chez L’épicier Palm Beach on Palm Beach island. You’ll understand when you go.

Once you step into their darling turquoise door, you may enter in as strangers or even friends, but you’ll leave feeling like family because of the genuine spirit and fun vibe the owners and workers have created. Every detail matters to them + you feel it. Veronique, the beautiful wife of Chef Laurent + owner, is single-handedly one of the most sensational women I have ever met. You’ll have to meet her!

Not only is the food exceptional, but so are the ones behind the scenes creating the magic.

The one you’ll wanna Chez, whether your a local and have not yet or a visitor passing by in Palm Beach…it won’t disappoint.

Photography by Chelsae Anne | Dress by Free People

Until next time my loves!

Stay tuned, my New York trip recap is coming up shortly.

Cannot wait to share it with YOU!