Darling, I Dare You

Chelsae Anne Photography

White Leather Jacket: Shari’s Place Turtle neck top: Derek Lam

Pencil Skirt: Roland Mouret Clutch: Roberto Cavalli

Styled by Logan Kaynes

Fall is in full swing + so are these evening holiday parties.

For a classic evening out, I definitely went with all black + a pop of white here and there. A little kiss on the chic, I like to call it.

Without further ado + with Logan Kayne’s styling from Shari’s Place, I slipped into Derek Lam’s black turtle neck, sleeveless top – so comfy and lovely on. My goodness, you won’t want to take it off. Paired it with Roland Mouret’s pencil skirt, which tightens at the top of the waist – a tiny part of a woman’s body, therefore leaving quite the flattering look.

Ladies, high-waist is the way to go!

Right as I was heading out the door, I threw on Shari’s white, tailor-made leather jacket and grabbed a playful Roberto Cavalli snakeskin clutch. It needed just a pop of timeless-fun and these pieces were the perfect addition.

Don’t you think?

#channelingAudrey #withalittlePoshontheside


Just before the festivities began, I went for an afternoon stroll.

‘Tis my favorite time of day, when the sun is about to turn the corner and looks back once more with her golden glow – a sure show stopper.

By default, I basked in this beauty, sifting through and organizing the many open tabs in my mind. Then, suddenly I stopped the moment I felt a knocking on my heart.

Was that a dare I hear?

< pause >

It’s amazing the type of power words inevitably hold. It’s constant presence, our natural need for it. How quickly words penetrate an atmosphere and permeate the soul. Good or bad. Words set moods, shape culture + define life. Mind-blowing really to think a word or two can do all that – it does.

But, I think the most impressive part is the type of power we have over words. After all, we’re the gateways from which they come (good or bad).

Choose wisely.

< resume >

Then it sparked in me + now, I’ll share it with you.

These are my words: I dare you…

…to discover what makes you feel fully alive + go after it. Never touch anything with half your heart. I dare you to find yourself daily, be kind to your soul and give yourself the patience you would give to someone you love.

Rise a little higher. Go the extra mile.

(All the while discovering your style).

Trust that you are meant to soar + leave footprints on the water.

I dare you to do the very thing you were afraid to do, but know you were born to.

Not for me, purely for you.

I’ll just make sure to cheer you on + meet you at the end with a grand applause.

All to say, “You did it. Con-freaking-gratulations!”

Remember, it’s not truth or dare because the truth is in the dare.

I’ve accepted my dare.

Now, I dare you to do the same.

Make room for words that breathe only life + make you feel most alive.

Ones that give you a surge of inspiration + hope – with glimpses of the future.

Darling, now I’m off to celebrate with some more holiday cheer.

Fall, I’m so happy I get to rock away with you still. Stay tuned, I have more lined up.

Thank you babes for sharing this latest look + latest reflections with me.

You are gems.