Adios America, Bienvenidos Cartagena

Christina Cernik Photography Christina Cernik Photography

Let’s take a walk down the streets of Cartagena, shall we?

Dress: Pitusa

And just like that, I found myself in the heart of this Old City.

Chasing its sweet sounds and expressions of life + love; whether it be through a smile, a kind gesture, the way natives ran around selling local goods or tourists snapping away at the beauty that makes up this city. My eyes were easily captivated by the old Spanish architecture and the way the sun kissed the colorful buildings at sunset, while my heart…by the people.

The hustle and bustle within these walls are what lights up the whole town + makes it all the more magical.

The moment I entered, I felt like I was invited in to an intimate dance.

Each step charmed by their language of love. Each twirl prompted by a comforting breeze. Whispers of “chin up and trust the lead,” resounded through the streets.

Who was the lead?

Hmm…a mystery.

It’s as if I was engaging with a mysterious dancer who simply asked me to surrender it all (be free), take his hand and trust the beauty of the moment. As if it was a challenge to allow myself to be shaped by the movement because good things were happening.

So, I did.

As I strolled and took my time on this road, I found these handbags + shoes.

Me encanta!

I brought one home to remind me of the experiences I had.

I’m a sucker for anything vibrant with a taste of culture.

Chelsae Anne Photography Chelsae Anne Photography

Dress: LF Sandals: Chinese Laundry

Did I mention the decadent food we had?

Please note, not featured are meals from Alma, El Sentisimo, Maria and the fresh cooked seafood on the Islas del Rosario that I must say you have to try for yourself.

I promise, it will not disappoint.

Additionally, not featured are the transportation methods we took to get to these restaurants. All of which was by foot, taxis, horses and ubers tangled up in our language barriers and getting lost more times than not.

(Yup, insert crying-laughing emoji now.)

Nonetheless, every moment was like a romantic song waiting to be discovered and written down.

Adventure around every corner.

My heart was breaking open with butterflies.

I did not realize what this trip or this country would do to me. I thought I had an idea, but never this.

It was a rare feeling, a special type of great.

Christina Cernik Photography Christina Cernik Photography

Not only does this country have a historically, stunning city, but wait until you see their islands.

We rented a private boat and took it out to the Islas del Rosario where beautiful reefs and colorful fish were waiting to be found.

(A must-do if you go to Cartagena!)

Also an insane tan + slight burn were evident, naturally.


My Caribbean withdrawals have been fulfilled…for now.

Christina Cernik Photography Christina Cernik Photography

I realized no matter where I am, country, city or state it is always the people you’re with that make it worthwhile.

Christina Cernik Photography Christina Cernik Photography

Once again, I am not sure how I got so blessed, but my girls and I met some locals who we now call friend(s). They generously took care of us and shared their favorite cuisines, local spots, salsa dancing and endearing conversations that have added more value to my life than they know.

If I didn’t understand what altruistic meant before, I do now.

(Thanks Nico!)

You couldn’t make some of these stories up that we experienced, therefore I am forever grateful for this journey and all its spontaneous happenings.

I’ll never forget the charm you left on my heart Cartagena.

Farewell, I’ll be seeing you + your Aguardiente soon.