Viva La Roja

“Be young. Be fearless.
Never forget what it means to chase something you love.”

— The Better Man Project (Evan)

Adventure, is that you?

You’ve charmed my heart + soul, I can’t help but follow you.

The way you swoop me off the ground then into a thrilling joy ride of life and wonder, leaving me breathless + craving for more – doesn’t do it justice. You have a way with me. Each time I choose you, each turn, laugh, tear and ride, never returns void. I discover a little bit more about myself. There’s something about being brave, stepping into the unknown with hope to come out a little bit more known. I find this type of bravery tears away layers of fear, inviting only hope, light + love to remain.

You help me realize what I love + prompt me to go after it with a fuel like never before.

Needless to say, you’ve got me touching heaven.

You’re my hallelujah that I need each season.

Also, I believe I owe you my next adventure destination, yes?

(Drum roll)

Cartagena, Colombia!

(Insert smiley emoji cheesin’ with its pearly whites)

Oh my heart cannot wait to walk through the cobblestone streets, witnessing how the sunset transforms the colorful colonial buildings into an even more sensational experience. Finding glimpses of romance around every corner + being completely enamored by the culture + beautiful people of this country.

Large dose of WoO at the thought of this!

I heard their coral reefs are a must see, too! Must take a dive and report back.


To kickoff the upcoming trip, I wore this feminine-fun, boho dress by no other than, Free People.

This dress is a solid ten.

The way the fabric around the wrist tightens help keeps the fun princess-form of the dress (from the shoulders down). It is very flowy and flattering. Did we speak of the details on the dress? The design is so vintage and trendy, perfectly woven. Yet, I believe it can appear as a stunning reflection of a latin-inspired boho look.

Plus, it is in RED!?

Viva la roja.

Red is, hands down, my favorite color to wear.

“Loving him was red.”

So, love is red, right?

As Taylor Swift says :).

I dig it.

I paired my gladiator sandals with the outfit to give it a resounding boho look. Thank you Aldo shoes for designing incredible soles. I consider them a Floridian type of boots – a mix between boots and gladiators is fitting for Summer + Fall here.

Loves, I think it’s time!

EEKing with excitement.

More to come, but for now I must finish some last minute items and head to the airport.

Ciao Palm Beach!

See you soon darlings + thank you again for following me through this adventure.

I can’t wait to recap and share it with you soon!