In Motion

Dress: Zara Shoes: Superga Purse: Balenciaga

Photography: Ian Joseph Jones

The unknown and its mystery excites me – a journey that is yet to be, but will be.

My heart is spewing over with joy + wonder because of this charming mystery. Nothing but pure goosebumps become me.

There’s a change in the wind and I’m just allowing myself to feel it, fully.

And just as it all settles in, I knew it was time for another adventure.

My life is in a constant state of motion, but the condition of my heart remains grounded.

And, guess what?

This new-found wind is taking me to Gran Cayman. If you could see me right meow, I am rockin’ all the feels. Cheesin’ hard because I am beyond thrilled for these islands!

If you haven’t noticed yet, every time the wind blows, I like to take my chances and respond with a mid-hair flip. Sometimes I end up with a look like the above, which I quite love.


Ecstatic. I can’t contain it.

I realized that as of late, when I’m about to travel, I’ve announced my destination when crossing this lovely street held up by these forest green cave walls.

Side note: who would have thought this type of landscape existed in Florida? I sure didn’t. Mesmerized. The walls draw me in.


It’s time.

I am flying out tomorrow and so pumped to share all the many experiences I will have over there. Time to swap out of my Zara denim flow, white Superga shoes + timeless Balenciaga into my straw hat, bikini, coverup + barefoot blue sea nights.

Sun-kissed skin, let the R+R begin!

Thank you for joining me. I’ll be seeing you soon, loves!

Off the grid I go.