September & I

Blouse: Zara Denim Shorts: Forever 21 Gladiator Sandals: Aldo Shoes

Photography: Cloe Mimun

Hello September.

Can’t believe you’re already here – oh me oh my!


September & I.

Literally, stirring up all the excitement in me.

I have some of my coolest trips planned for this month 😉 not to mention some of the biggest commitments I’ve made to myself and deep convos with close friends about the nearing future.

Nervous, yet thrilling.

(Perhaps the rainbow above is a sign for the promises to come teehee, neat eh?)

Before I dive on in, I wanted to ask you…

Have you ever met any one who makes you feel like anything is possible? They shower you with words that give you wings. What is on your heart becomes their priority. Loves you exactly where you are at – without feeling the need to perform or “be” any other way, but your raw-vulnerable + beautiful self. Words like “genuine” & “authentic” merely scratches the surface in trying to describe such a soul. Yet, you can laugh together until it all turns into silent ones with streams of tears escaping the corners of your eyes because the belly laughs are just out of control. Someone who challenges you to reach for more, rise above what you’re in and give your whole heart (to feel it all). Then, when you leave them you feel a whole lot lighter, a little more “you” and extra loved.

I’m lucky to say I have.

She inspired this adventure and the September stirrings in my heart.


You’re a gift babe – love you Cloe!

Off I went onto my wanderings and wondering.

Exploring and reflecting (on repeat).

Can’t forget to bring my new drink companion, La Croix ;), along on a hot day.


I’ve also been doing the Whole 30. A new lifestyle change for me and this drink has been keeping me sane in the membrane.

And as promised, white is a hard color for me to part from.

(See above + below)

Especially, when it has fun sleeves like these. Zara has always got that edge factor to it that sets it apart from others and ahead of the trend game.

I paired it with a high-waist denim pair of light shorts + tied up the blouse.

I think you would too in this type of heat. 😉


(Drum roll)

Meet my absolute all time favorite pair of gladiators.

Aldo you sure know how to create dope ones.

Going to keep this one short + sweet, loves!

Labor Day Weekend awaits + I can’t wait to share it with YOU.

Ready to see what this new adventure holds for September & I?

Let’s step right on in.