Team U.S.A

One piece suit: Pacsun

In light of the Olympics, I had to darling.


The moment I laid eyes on this onesie, I knew I was all about one move (aka purchase) from winning the gold.


I’ve been making myself laugh extra lots lately.

It’s contagious, watch out.


(Insert laughing-crying emoji or kindly view image below)

Not only do I feel golden in this suit, but also very giggly, fun + free.

Honestly, I couldn’t be more proud of my country.

Made in the U.S.A after all.

No matter where I go, I noticed my heart likes to call this country home.

There’s something to it.

The familiarity of this land, the depth of the unknown, the intriguing mix of culture – the bridge where vulnerability meets the celebration of our differences. An open invitation for courage to overcome fear + an inspiration to extend love at any free moment.

As my girl, Danielle Doby, passionately shares:

β€œWe are a constellation connected by the love pulsing in our hearts.”

β€” Danielle Doby #Iamhertribe

There’s so much to make known + discover.

And, I guess in the adventure of discovering…I am realizing we are all a part of this team – in a land we each call home.

And, you know what, I love me some home.


Pardon me, the ocean is calling.

Allow me to casually stroll through the deep blue.

‘Tis the sea-sun.


Okie, back, hehe.

The more I look at what’s around us, I am learning that there’s a constant reminder of how limitless we truly are. If we should choose to see it.

I hope you and I always exercise the freedom to find our magic, show up and breathe it into this world.

May we fill it up with nothing but “vibrant aliveness.”

β€œIt is your birthright to live a life you love.
It is your choice if you decide to show up for it.”

β€” Danielle Doby #Iamhertribe

I believe then, we’ll have won the gold together.

My loves, thank you for inspiring me on the daily.


xo, Tida