Al-RED-y Back

Dress: H&M Bracelets + Necklace: Salt Water Jewels

Photography: Ian Joseph Jones Photography

(Phenomenal Talent + Wonderful Friend)

Touch down Palm Beach.

I’ve missed you.

I must say, being greeted by these (statement) Palms, truly never gets old.

Makes me fall a-little-bit in love all over again.


Returning to a place where the summers are endless + the sun is always on, I naturally gravitated toward this flowy-boho maxi dress for an evening out on the island. I love the free-flowing feel it gives me.

(Excuse me while I chase the light and twirl for a few.)

Tis a little chill, a little sheer, a hint of modern and a bit of perfect for that city beach.

The fact that it comes in red (insert heart-eyed smiley) already won me over!

Red is my # 1 – FAVE color to wear and looks good in any season.

One of my favorite things about Palm Beach, aside from the sparkling Atlantic Blue and the history on these streets, is that there are so many fun little nooks, hidden gems + pretty sun-kissed alleys, if you can catch it at the right timing, you’re golden. πŸ˜‰

Of course, one must not forget jewelry, although I actually do at times – teehee – thankfully I have some sweet friends who design jewelry and remind me of their fab-finds + perfect pairings. Check out this local Palm Beach gal, Kate, and her boho-chic inspired creations at Salt Water Jewels.

You’re sure to discover a stunning gem to match your next outfit.

I did.


Loves, it’s time for me to swim the sunshine and explore in as many breezes as I can get ;)!

I hope you’re having an amazing weekend so far.

Like one of my inspiring friends and favorites, Evan, would say:

β€œβ€œWander wherever your heart takes you, you are not lost, you are being found.””

β€” The Better Man Project

I’ll follow suit.

Off to falling a little more in love with this city + being found in the midst of it.

Al-RED-y back + Al-RED-y out.

Cheers, loves!