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And just like that, we’re welcoming 2018.
Wow, this year has taken so many crazy, needed turns; but as I look back and remembered my goals for 2017…it was just what I needed to get there (topic coming soon!).

With all the festivities surrounding December and the New Year…gifts,…

Guys, hhh-ow is it already Christmas!?
Oh. my. goodness. It definitely snuck up on me this year. There’s been so much hustle and bustle this season (saving it for another post 😉 ) that I almost forgot to shop for gifts entirely….

Hi there!
Sending the happiest days of Summer your way.
It’s been a little while since I have written, but no fear, I’ve been planning some exciting trips to share with you. In fact, I just returned from one a few days ago :)….

Lulu’s Navy Blue Dress

Twenty-seven, you’re here.
And to be honest, I wasn’t fond of you initially, but now I have this persistent feeling that you’re about to surpass my expectations. Why? Because, you keep nudging me with hope and light even when I deny it….