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Summer 2018 you have me chasing you all around the globe it seems.
Physically and spiritually.
It’s because I’m falling in love with your season and changing with your warm tones.
My soul is loving every aspect of it!
As you may have already seen from my Instagram,…

And just like that, we’re welcoming 2018.
Wow, this year has taken so many crazy, needed turns; but as I look back and remembered my goals for 2017…it was just what I needed to get there (topic coming soon!).

With all the festivities surrounding December and the New Year…gifts,…

Guys, hhh-ow is it already Christmas!?
Oh. my. goodness. It definitely snuck up on me this year. There’s been so much hustle and bustle this season (saving it for another post 😉 ) that I almost forgot to shop for gifts entirely….

Hi there!
Sending the happiest days of Summer your way.
It’s been a little while since I have written, but no fear, I’ve been planning some exciting trips to share with you. In fact, I just returned from one a few days ago :)….